Besides providing the perfect solution for your online flower needs, e•bloom places a high priority on giving you peace of mind. This means you can rely on us for delivering a fantastic gift-wrapped bouquet made with fresh flowers at the right time for an attractive price. In other words: the ultimate e•bloom experience! And for your organisation, a proposed solution simply has to be appropriate for the company’s objective and vision. This aim is reflected in every step of how we work: from selecting the right design to the carrier’s delivery notice. Every step is carefully considered to obtain an excellent level of service. It’s all intended to result in giving a pleasantly surprised recipient an unforgettable experience: an absolutely wonderful bouquet that can be enjoyed for a long time. An everyone-wins situation.
Apart from the design, the products, the payment flows, the technology, the fulfilment services and the transport, we also facilitate all the other practical matters to ensure that the bouquets have a long vase life and are professionally promoted. This includes photography, copywriting and attractive prices.
We take product photos of all our products in our own internal photo studio. As requested, we can also ensure that the bouquets are photographed to suggest a look reflecting the client’s preferences, that the images include a logo, or that we process the images according to the client’s specifications. For every product, we create a standard photo set that we make available to each client. We also collaborate with our partners to provide lifestyle photography shot at various locations. If desired, these images can also be used for your own marketing activities.
Every bouquet is gift-wrapped, provided with detailed information about handling and caring for the flowers, enough premium quality flower food, and a personal message from the sender. All of this contributes to an unforgettably nice surprise for the recipient who can enjoy a fresh and very trendy bouquet for a long time.